• PBIS at Oak View Middle School

    Oak View Middle School is now a PBIS School!

    During the 2019-2020 school year, Oak View is implementing a PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) Program. This initiative is an effort to improve our overall climate at the school. By implementing PBIS, we are working to create a more positive, supportive environment for all students. Research has shown that, when implemented with fidelity, PBIS programs can reduce negative behaviors and suspensions, while increasing the frequency of desired, positive behaviors. 


    The foundation of PBIS at Oak View are the five fundamental expectations. All Oak View students are expected to be Prepared, Respectful, In Control, Determined, and Engaged at all times. When students display these behaviors, they have a chance to be rewarded with a Pride Point. These Pride Points can be used at our school store, where they can purchase a wide variety of items. 

    Get Involved!

    Parents can easily get involved in two ways. First, talk to your student about the PRIDE program at school. Have conversations with your student about what it looks like to be Prepared or Engaged. Second, the school store is the primary way that students are able to be rewarded for displaying positive behaviors. The school store is always in need of additional supplies. Donations of items for the school store are always welcome! A list of some ideas for donations can be found below. 

    Items Needed

    • Individual Servings of Snacks (Candy, Chips, etc)
    • Fun/Fancy School Supplies (Erasers, Pencils, Pens, etc) 
    • Small denomination gift cards
    • "Big-Ticket" Items for schoolwide raffles
    • Others?

    If you are interested in supporting the school store, but need more info, please contact us!