• Student Government Association


    As SGA student officers we will serve as the bridge betweenb the administration, faculty, staff and students.  The Student Government Association will work to strengthen communication, effectively address student concers, and promote a culture of academic excellence at Gainesville High School.  Additionally, the Student Government Association will work diligently to strengthn the relationship between the school and the Gainesville community.


    The Student Government Association seeks to improve campus moral and Hurricane Spirit, help students identify campus resources, and promote a positive relationship among students, faculty, staff and administrators.  Students who participate in Student Government Association sponsored events will enhance their high school experience and become more prepared to face the challenges of the global work force and high school demandsl.

  • Ms. P. Parker

    Student Activites Director


Student Body President
Student Body Vice President
  • SBO
    Student Body Secretary
  • SBO
    Speaker of the House
  • SBO
    Student Body Treasurer