School Advisory Committee (SAC)

  • The School Advisory Council (SAC) is a team of people representing various segments of the community which consist of parents, teachers, students, administrators, support staff, business/ industry people and other interested community members. The purpose of a SAC is to assist in the preparation and evaluation (developing and evaluating) of the results of the school improvement plan and to assist the principal with the annual school budget.

SAC Members


    • Diane Leinenbach (Principal)
    • Anastasia Albanese-O'Neill (Parent)
    • Steve Bauer (Teacher)
    • Florida Bridgewater-Alford (Parent)
    • John Cowart (Community Member)
    • David Fields (Teacher)
    • Janet Gil (Teacher)
    • Annie Hermansen-Baez (Parent)
    • Damond Hutchinson (Student Gov)
    • Chief Tony Jones (Community Member)
    • Tara Montgomery (Teacher)
    • Katie Rohan (Career Service)
    • Angelo Rollins (Community Member)
    • Julio Samiento (Parent)
    • Erin Smith (Parent)
    • Leslie Suskin (Community Member)
    • April Tisher (Parent)
    • Keith Watts (Teacher)

SAC Minutes