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Research Tips

  • How to search for resources online:

    If your search is for Ancient Egypt: To improve your results you can add the word Ancient in front of any of these search terms (or use the word Egypt instead of Egyptian):

    Egyptian Pharaoh or Pharoahs

    Egyptian Inventions

    Egyptian Mummification

    Egyptian Pyramids

    Egyptian Religion and Practices

    Egypt Physical Features


    Look in myPortal first!

    Search in the highlighted apps below, using "ancient Egypt" and "pharaoh", etc. (see list above) as search terms.

    Make sure you are spelling your words correctly! Like "pharaoh"!!

    Open EduTone in another Tab in your browser, and keep this page open.

    (The Alachua County Public Library Databases are not highlighted below, but if you have a public library card you can use them!)

    Citations are as important as your research

    example of citation

    Cite Your Sources

    Use the link below to help you create the correct citations for your resource (bibliography) page




Ancient Egypt

Black History Month

Hispanic Heritage Month

Native American Heritage Month

Women's History Month