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Creating an action plan:

  •  It takes about 2 weeks of doing a new behavior for it to become a habit. That's good news when it comes to helping our students.  If your student is in need of learning a new skill (i.e. using a planner/creating a set study time/or other organizational skills) Sit down with him/her and create an action plan: 

    1. Identify the new behavior.
    (i.e.-study time after school)

    2. Where will it take place?
    (i.e.-in a quiet, distraction-free, room of home)

    3. How will you, the parent, reinforce this new behavior?
    (i.e.-rewarded with a privilege-computer time/phone time/TV time or punish with above privilege being taken away)

    In order to help your student create new habits for academic success it is very important to clearly state the expectation, steps that will be taken to meet the expectation, and to BE CONSISTENT with rewards/punishments.  Hopefully at the end of two weeks the new behavior will become a new habit.

    If you need further help, contact your student's Guidance Counselor.

What a parent/guardian can do if concerned about a student's academic performance:

  • 1. Get your student  to use his/her planner.  You can reinforce this organizational tool by checking it each night.  If your student does not have it completed have a consequence in place (i.e.- perhaps they lose a privilege for that evening).  Creating organizational habits is a learned skills that will require your assistance. 

    2. Insist that your student invest some time each day after school to his or her studies.  If they say they do not  have homework (I would contact the teachers the very next day on that one!) then have them read for thirty minutes.

    3.Contact the teacher directly if you are concerned about a specific class.  Direct communication with the teacher can best be accomplished through e-mail.

    4.If you would like to meet with all the teachers a parent-teacher conference can be accomplished by contacting the office at (352) 955-6702.  Teachers need 48 hours notice before a meeting to ensure that they can attend.