Academy of Health Professions

  • The Academy of Health Professions is a Career Academy Magnet program located on the campus of Gainesville High School.  The focus of the AHP program is to provide experience for students interested in pursuing technical training in health-related careers.

    The program consists of integrated curricula with applied academic and clinical experience in health care settings. Directly following graduation, the student will be better prepared to seek employment in the health field and be able to continue education at the post-secondary level. 

    The Academy of Health Professions is a unique medical preparatory program.  Please read all the information prior to applying. Contact the Director via email with any questions. 

    Prior to applying to the Academy of Health Professions, please watch the two student videos presented on this page by former students, Charmique and Zoe. This will provide a guide for you as to what to expect within the academy. Please also take the opportunity to read the other information provided on this page to help you determine if this program is a good fit for you. A strong math, reading and science foundation is encouraged.  This program will prepare you for a future in a health-related career. 

    Students can be enrolled in both the Academy of Health Professions and Cambridge. Many of our students are in both programs.

    Benefits of AHP:

    • Foundation for a future in a health career
    • Clinical experience
    • Industry certification
    • Bank nine hours of SFC credit with a grade of B or better on the exit exam
    • Qualify for Gold Seal Scholarship - Overall GPA of 3.0 & 3.5 in AHP courses
    • Health Occupation Students of America (HOSA)

    The Selection Process consists of:

    • Applying online to the Academy of Health Professions (AHP) 
    • Students may apply to 3 programs in total and it may be a combination of CTE and Academic programs- Ranking of programs is very important.
    • Making a commitment to participate in clinicals, completing a program of studies and testing in Nursing Assistant, Allied Health (Physical Therapy Aide, Certified Pharmacy technician, Certified EKG Technician) CMAA  and Emergency Medical Services program through dual enrollment at Santa Fe College.
    • If applying to Cambridge at GHS, list Cambridge as #1 and AHP as #2


    • No major referrals
    • Maximum 10 unexcused absences
    • 2.5 GPA
    • Strong interest in a career in healthcare
    • Compassion, integrity, and accountability are critical qualities in order to progress through the academy and participate in clinicals
    • Understanding that AHP is unique and requires mandatory patient contact in 12th grade
    • Please make sure that you watch the informative videos from current and prior students
    • Strong math, reading and science skills are encouraged to succeed. Algebra 1 completion by the end of 8th grade is not required but it is encouraged and recommended for best success. Students will be reading out of college course materials as early as ninth grade. 
    • The curriculum includes two college courses.

    What is to be expected during the course of this four-year program:

    • Students must sign an honor code policy and the academy contract.
    • Students will not attend clinicals until their senior year after successful completion of the academy curriculum in grades 9-12. Successful completion is a grade C or higher each semester.
    • Attendance is critical
    • Students will select several clinical choices for their senior year and rank them in order of preference.  The director and  academy teachers will communicate with the student to determine best option for clinical.
    • Protocols may differ from other magnet programs due to requirements by the State of Florida Board of Nursing. Established protocols for dress codes are in place for all seniors in the clinical environment.  This includes the following for seniors while in clinicals: no acrylics, facial piercings, no jewelry other than one pair of small stud earrings. More specifics will be given out during the course of the program. 
    • Evidence of the flu vaccine and other immunizations per clinical facility requirements.  
    • 100 volunteer hours are expected by graduation. This is the same as the 100 hours for bright futures/ Cambridge. Students are encouraged to earn these volunteer hours as the progress through the program.  Many opportunities are provided.
    • Drug testing during the course of the program and background checks will be required.


Applications Open 1/16/24



    Margaret Scarborough RN, Director

    Open House 2024

    No specific shadowing dates are offered. However, if your child is shadowing for Cambridge, we are part of their tour. 


    Parents and students: This is an academic medical preparatory program. We want your child to succeed. Please be aware that there is college level reading content and Algebra 1 content in the curriculum. Read all the information provided on this page to help you with making the best decision for your child.