• Inspiring Leaders Poster Project

    Student’s Name ____________________________________________

    Local leader’s Name ________________________________________

    Leader’s Inspiring citizen _______________________________________

    Interview an adult in a leadership role (political, administrator, business person, community leader etc.).

    Ask the interviewee what citizenship means to them.

    Ask your interviewee to name one person (real or fictional) who has earned their respect or inspired them to become the person they are today.  Stress that this is a person who embodies great citizenship.

    After your interview, you will then research and find additional interesting facts about your interviewee's life, talents and accomplishments.  
    Repeat for the person they shared with you as a source of their own inspiration.   
    You will use information from your research and your interview for your poster project.

    Poster requirements:
    Title and the name of the adult you interviewed and their inspiring leader

    One image of the adult you interviewed

    One image of their inspiring leader

    A brief biography of the both leaders

    The accomplishments of both leaders

    A timeline of important events in either or both leaders' life

    Other important images or captions

    -a map showing places where the leader has made a difference
    -other images of the person/ their accomplishments