• Service Project Guidelines

    Always seek approval from the WMS NJHS advisor (Mr. Barron) before beginning a service project.  This can be done in person or via email.

    From the National Junior Honor Society Handbook:

    Generally, when choosing the project, it is best to steer away from activities that directly benefit a member’s family.

    Service Projects done for financial or other compensation are viewed as contrary to the common definition of “service.”

    Verification of service by asking for an adult’s signature from a supervisor is a way to guarantee that all chapter members are fulfilling their responsibility in a fair and appropriate manner.

    Chapter advisors are encouraged to set up a system where chapter members seek approval for the Individual Service Project prior to completing the project.

    Choose projects that will help you gain experience and confidence in the five areas of focus for the NJHS: scholarship, leadership, service, citizenship and character.

    Choose projects that are safe; avoid activities where a trusted adult can not monitor your safety.

    Choose projects that will help not-for-profit agencies and organizations.  See the suggestions section for ideas.

    Choose projects that you would not already be completing.  Remember that this is an opportunity to grow in experience and confidence by trying activities, some which may be unfamiliar to you.

    Projects that involve another member of our local chapter are encouraged!  Sometimes two members can help each other gain confidence and leadership.

    Remember that Individual Service hours can not be gained from Chapter Service Projects or activities, even if you volunteer beyond the required amount.

    Always take a volunteer documentation page to be signed by the adult in charge.  It is your responsibility to fill out the form (and not the adult’s job).