Grading Scale

  • Percent  Achievement

    Grade Points


    A = 100-90

    4.0 Outstanding

    B = 89-80

    3.0 Above Average

    C = 79-70

    2.0 Average

    D = 69-60

    1.0 Lowest Acceptable

    F= 59-0

    0.0 Failure

    I= 0

    0.0 Incomplete

    Reporting to Parents

    Communication with parents is an essential part of our operation. Two of the most effective ways to accomplish this communication are: (1) Nine-week report cards, and (2) interim progress reports issued midway through the nine weeks.

    Exact dates to be announced will be announced.

    Interim Reports

    End of 9 Weeks

     Report Cards Issued to Parents


    October  October 


    January  January 


    March  April 


    June *End of June