Gaming - An exploding industry


    New computing jobs are growing 3 times faster than the number of computer science graduates. More than 50 percent of all math and science jobs are for computer scientists.
    Computer science jobs are the highest-paying jobs for new graduates.

    There is no limit to the potential in the video game design field, which is quickly becoming the premiere medium for cultural storytelling, information and entertainment.

Course and General Information


     Be a Part of Tomorrow . . . Join the Digital Community! 

    This program offers a sequence of courses that provides coherent and rigorous content aligned with challenging academic standards and relevant technical knowledge and skills needed to prepare for further education and careers such as a Game/Simulation Designer, Game Programmer, and Academy Logo Game Software Developer in the Information Technology career cluster; provides technical skill proficiency, and includes competency-based applied learning that contributes to the academic knowledge, higher-order reasoning and problem-solving skills, work attitudes, general employability skills, technical skills, and occupation-specific skills. 

    The content includes but is not limited to practical experiences in game/simulation conceptualization, design, storyboarding, development methodologies, essential programming techniques, and implementation issues. Specialized programming skills involving advanced mathematical calculations and physics are also integrated into the curriculum. 

    The Academy of Gaming & Mobile Apps lets student’s dreams and imaginative ideas come to life. Amazing things become possible for motivated students who view the world in a creative way. Students work hands-on with the same cutting-edge technology and software as today’s premiere design professionals, while pursuing traditional art classes in addition to technology-intensive classes. At the Academy of Gaming & Mobile Apps, we are career-focused and creatively driven. Students are offered the opportunity to earn college credit from Santa Fe College and Adobe Certifications while taking honors weighted courses.

     Students complete a variety of courses through the program, including:

    • Game & Simulation Foundations
    • Game & Simulation Design
    • Game & Simulation Programming
    • Multi-user Game & Simulation Programming
    Additional Courses Offered are:
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • Game & Simulation Graphic Artist (Illustrator)
    • Game & Simulation 3D Graphic Animator (Unity)
    • Advanced Applications (Capstone Course)
    21st-Century Skills require students to demonstrate basic scientific, mathematical and technological literacy. The focus of this academy requires students to acquire broad, transferable skills and understanding of the rudiments of the digital media/multimedia industry, including inventive thinking, effective communication and the ability to prioritize, plan and manage for results.

    Essential skills identified by the Division of Career and Adult Education have been integrated into the standards and benchmarks of this program. These skills represent the general knowledge and skills considered by industry to be essential for success in careers across all career clusters.

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Magnet Application Timeline


  • Students in Game Programming competed in the Stem Fuse GOT GAME competition this fall.  The STEM Fuse GOT GAME Competition is held every semester to allow students enrolled in a GAME:IT series class the opportunity to flex their game development talents.  Several teams and individuals from our school are now finalists in the Fall 2021 GOT GAME Competition.

    Breaking Bole

    The goal of Breaking Bole is to save the city from the destruction being caused by a massive dog. You play as a leprechaun named Bole, who has spells that allow him to use ice, fire, and a spell to protect the city. Do you have what it takes to save the city?
    William S. & Matthew M.
    Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School

    Duck Splash

    Luna duck is trying to keep her garden safe from the evil bunnies that want to steal her food. She shoots water from her mouth at the bunnies. You start with 10 vegetables in your garden, each time a each time a bunny gets past you they will steal from the garden.
    Jeremiah . N & Malachi . N
    Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School


    Lazer Duck In this defend-the-door style game you’re a duck from New York City who, once was a regular duck, was caught and horrendous experiments studying gamma rays which left you with laser eyes. One day, you were walking through the woods when you found ducklings stuck in muck, but then, you heard a distant sound, the sound of an engine.. No wait, multiple engines and the smell of exhaust…TRUCKERS! Now you must defend the ducks from the evil truckers who want their feathers for hats and earrings. Can you defend the ducks stuck in the muck of the trucks?
    Tristan Rivera, Anthony Smith
    Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School

    Lucy's Evening

    In this short adventure, all is well until the day Lucy’s home is invaded by massive bugs! You must guide Lucy into the bugs’ lair where you will fight them off in five levels. Find out who leads the insects and defeat them to free your friends.
    Kailen H.
    Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School
    Keep on gaming and good luck!

Academy Instructor

Phone: (352) 955-6839 ext. 269


Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Tina Gennaro Brann

Mrs. Brann has taught computer science for 16 years at the high school level. She currently serves as the Director of Gaming & Mobile Apps at The Professional Academies Magnet @ Loften High School. Mrs. Brann has a BS degree in Computer Information Systems and a MS in Instructional Design, and is close to completing an MBA-Market Research and Social Media Analytics from Saint Leo University. She is committed to providing students with the necessary tools to achieve academic and career goals.