Sponsors: Ms. Gil & Ms. Rodriguez        

    President: Christopher Gonzalez

    2019-2020 Club Meeting Dates:

    * Sept. 13th

    * Oct. 25th

    * Nov. 8th

    * Dec. 13th

    * Jan. 10th

    * Feb. 7th

    * March 13th

    * April 17th

    * May 8th

    Meetings are held on Fridays at 2:45 pm in B1


    Christmas party in the MPR
    Dues for 2019-2020
    should be paid by Dec. 7th
    Anyone inducted in 2019 (Spring)
    have already paid their dues.
    Anyone interested in joining the Spanish Honor Society must be in
    a Spanish class AT GHS (not online) 2019-2020.
    GHS Spanish Teachers will nominate potential inductees when the semester ends in January 2020.
    Requirements are:
    1. Teacher recommendation
    2. 3.7 GPA in all Spanish classes (average)
    3. 2.8 GPA in core classes