• All Junior have the opportunity to take the ACT, free of charge.

    All students must arrive on time and ready to test- no late admittance will be allowed. Students must bring their own pencils, calculators and a photo ID.


    "Preparing for the ACT"  gives students an overview of what to expect on the test and includes a practice test.

    Preparing for the ACT

    ACT Calculator Policy


    Information for the Examination


    After the test

    Mailed Scores- Expect to receive ACT (no writing) score reports 3–8 weeks after the test date. 

    Scores on the Web- You can view your score report for free using an ACT web account. After you receive your paper score report: 

    • Create an account. Go to www.actstudent.org and follow the on-screen directions. 

    • If you have an account before testing, wait until after you receive your paper score report to check for your State or District test scores. At that time, if your scores are not included in your web account, call ACT at 319.337.1270 for assistance. 

    You can also use your ACT web account to access other services, such as requesting and paying for Additional Score Reports (ASRs) or registering to retake the test on a future National test date. 

    Official ACT Score Reports- Your State or District test scores will be reported as follows: 

    • Examinee—Your paper report will be mailed to the address you entered in your non-test information. If you provide an invalid address, you will not receive your mailed report. 

    • High School—A report will be provided to the Director of Counseling at your high school. 

    • College—Each college and national scholarship agency will be provided a report, if you entered a valid code when completing the non-test information. Each college selects the frequency of reporting—at least every two weeks. 

    • State or District Education Agency— Your state or district education agency will receive your scores, even if you choose not to report them to any colleges.  

    Remember an average of 18 or higher on your English and Reading subtests will replace your FSA ELA. A score of 16 or higher on the Math subtest will replace your Algebra 1 EOC.

    Another ACT exam is scheduled here at BHS for Juniors in February- so plan accordingly.