School Registration

  • Registering New Students to Eastside:

    Please bring with you

    • Birth Certificate
    • Blue Health Card with shot records recorded (If you are from out of state you must have this done on the Florida Blue Health Card and must have a current physical form or proof of an appointment to do so)
    • Current Physical 
    • Parent ID
    • Proof of Guardianship: Court Documents or Birth Certificate
    • Social Security Card (if willing)
    • Lease, Mortgage, or GRU/Clay Electric Bill in your name with current address (Two of these three are REQUIRED)
    • Any transcripts
    • Withdrawal papers from the previous school if applicable
    • IEP if applicable
    • If you do not have proof of address in your name, you will need to go to Zoning with 2 proofs of address from above and a letter from the person who the address is in the name of verifying that you live there (Once Zoning approves then we can enroll)

    Emergency Cards:

    • At the beginning of each year, an emergency sheet is sent home via the student to be updated.
    • It is important that phone numbers and contact information be updated
    • Address updates must be accompanied with a copy of the GRU/or Clay Electric Bill, Lease, or Mortgage in the person's name

    Parent Teacher Conferences/Educational Plan Team Meetings (EPT)/504 Plan Meetings:

    • Please call the Guidance Secretary at 352-955-6704 ext. 225 to make an appointment. 
    • All meetings with teachers are held at 7:45 am in the morning Monday thru Wednesday and Fridays.
    • Phone conferences can be requested when asking to speak with just one teacher. 
    • You can also reach all teachers via email.
    • EPTs can be called for due to behavior issues, attendance issues, or academic issues.  Plans are written out to help the student improve the needed area.

    Students with Disabilities:

    • Students with disabilities will have meetings commonly called IEP (Individual Educational Plan) meetings
    • Legal documents are prepared for the meetings
    • If you have a student with a disability and wish to schedule an IEP meeting, please call the ESE Secretary at 352-955-6704 ext 238.

    Volunteers, Outside Agencies, Mentors, and Interns:

    • If you are visiting our campus for any reason, you MUST check in the Front Office or the Attendance Office. 
    • You MUST present a Driver's License to check-in or provide valid information to be checked in
    • Once you are ready to leave the campus, you MUST also sign out in one of those offices

    For more information, visit our district site.