• If you graduated in the last five years, transcripts can be requested from the school by contacting the School Registrar at 352-955-6704 ext. 377 or email at haywooww (

    You MUST present a picture ID to pickup a transcript. If a relative is going to pick it up, then an email from you must be received documenting the request.

    If the request is going to a public Florida College/University or you are picking up the transcript, the cost is free. If you need it to be sent to a private or out of state college/university, the cost is $5.00. You will need the correct address to put on the request.

    If you graduated 6 or more years ago, you will have to contact the Alachua County School Board in School Records at 352-955-7740 or visit their webpage.

    In requesting a transcript for a current student:

    1. Fill out a request form with the proper information

    2. Turn in to Mrs. Haywood, Registrar with payment if needed

    3. She will then send the transcript to the proper organization or school

    4. The student should then follow up with school or organization in about a week to make sure they have received it.

    ***It is important to know your deadlines and turn in requests at least 2 weeks in advance of these deadlines***