Priority 1: Protect Your Health


    We are concerned about the wellbeing of all students, faculty, staff and their families. While we are experiencing times of uncertainty, we know many questions are looming in the minds of all stakeholders. Please find information related to school changes below. We will update this page as changes occur. Our continual thoughts remain with the Ram Family and community at large. Please be safe.

    Schools will be closed through April 15th

    • schools are encouraged to operate virtually by non-classroom-based means as much as possible
    • schools calendar year will remain as previously published; last day will be May 29th
    • IEP-related services may be extended as deemed appropriate
    • remaining state tests are cancelled
    • graduation and promotion requirements are under review
    • k-12 school grades will not be calculated for 19-20 (this does not pertain to student progress/report card grades)
    • Florida Bright Futures Scholarships will be based on available data and results
    • State required instructional hours may be reduced
    • No decisions finalized on summer school opportunities at this time
    • ACPS Grading Window for progress reports has been extended to April 7th

    Florida Department of Education - Guidance for 19-20 School Year



    *District Instructional Continuity Plan

    "While the district is on an extended Spring Break until March 30 as ordered by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the district has developed and posted the plans for providing instruction for students on its website at The plan outlines how we will provide instruction after Spring Break, but also includes resources you can use right now. The direct link to the Instructional Continuity Plan is"


    • ACT has rescheduled its April 4th test date to June 13th; registered students will receive an email with instructions (free reschedule to June 13 or future national test date)
    • CollegeBoard has cancelled the May 2nd SAT and SAT Subject Test Administration; March 14th Makeup Exam, scheduled for March 28th, is also cancelled
    • June 6th SAT and SAT Subject Test administration is still scheduled pending health directives; Eastside is scheduled to be open for the June SAT
    • CollegeBoard is considering adding an international SAT administration later this year

    American College Testing (ACT)

    Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)


    Advanced Placement Testing

    • CollegeBoard is providing free remote learning resources
    • Traditional face-to-face exam administrations will not take place; students will take a 45-minute online free-response exam at home
    • Exams will only include topics and skills most AP teachers have covered by early March
    • Digital security tools and techniques will be used to detect plagerism and other forms of cheateing to protect the integreity of the test
    • Some students may want to take the exam sooner rather than later, while content is still fresh. Other studnets way want more time to practice. For each AP subject, there will be 2 different testing dates.
    • Any student already registered for an exam can cancel withouth a charge
    • More information about testing and test dates will be shared on April 3rd

    AP Updates by CollegeBoard


    Credit Retrieval Option Program (CROP)

    Students may work from home to retrieve credit that has been lost. Students are encouraged to work on assignments now; teachers are checking progress. If someone is having trouble logging in or making progress, please email our CROP Administrator -         Mrs. Crista Shaffer at

    In times past, students could not take examinations at home, but due to the extreme nature of current circumstances we are making an exception. As students work on assignments and show proficiency, teachers will be permitted to unlock tests for students so students have access at home. CROP teachers and administrators will monitor student progress and unlock tests only when the student has properly progressed to that point of the course. There are  tools in the Edgenuity program that may alert teachers to suspicious performance, e.g., how long the student worked on the assessment - sudden peak performance on the final exam when previous proctored assessments were significantly lower, etc. Therefore, students should maintain their best performance.

    CROP (Edgenuity Website)

    In case students need help getting started, we have provided a "how to get started" video:


    Educational Practice Opportunities

    Students may use this site to practice math and English skills, as well as prepare for the SAT.

    Khan Academy


    International Baccalaureate Program (IB)

    IB Students should check emails and virtual classrooms to keep up with assignments and IB exam reviews/preparation.
    • IB Examinations

    The IB is treating the challenges that this situation is presenting for our global community very seriously. The IB is continuing to review support options it can provide for schools. 

    For the most current information, please visit:


    *GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS for CLASS of 2020: no state standardized tests; students will be required to maintain 2.0 GPA and 24.0 total credits. 


    College Planning

    We are awaiting correspondence regarding post-secondary institutions procedures for admissions. Please visit the websites for your schools of interest and check their admissions' pages for FAQs related to information for admission and prospective students.



    Senior Activities

    • Grad Bash - pending health directives, to be determined (TBD)
    • Prom - pending health directives, to be determined (TBD)
    • Graduation - awaiting health directives, TBD



    • no extracurricular activities
    • no offsite practices permitted
    • no penalties enforced for missed games

    Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA)

    National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)




    Parents will not need to pick up medications unless concerned about home supply depleting because of time off from school. In order to pick up medication, a parent will need to come in and sign the Medication Treatment Authorization form that indicates the number and doses picked up. Please call ahead to the front office to schedule a time for pick-up.

    Mental Health

    We know many of our students are able to maintain social-emotional wellbeing because of school structure and assistance of teachers, school counselors, social workers, peers and other individuals that provide support during the day. The absence of those figures can cause anxiety for some kids. Students should be aware that local support is offered through the Crisis Center at (352-264-6789), for those who need mental health support. Persons who have battled with depressions or thoughts of suicide can also reach out to the prevention lifeline for help (1-800-273-8255). Please be vigilant about ensuring students who meet with mental health professionals and take medications remain on track with appointments. Consistency is key to minimizing fears.

    Crisis Center

    Suicide Prevention Lifeline


    Frequently updated health sites:

    Alachua County Department of Health:

    Florida Department of Health:

    The Centers for Disease Control: