School Parking, student drop off and pick up protocols

  • Parking

    In order to keep students safe, and keep drop-off and pick-up as efficient as possible, our school has adopted these protocols. We ask that all drivers review and follow the protocols in order to contribute to our safe school culture and demonstrate consideration and respect for all. At the end of the day, the students are watching. Please remember you are modeling for them the necessity of following school rules and showing respect for all.

    Drop off and pick-up should occur only from the right lane of the student drop off/pick up area. The left lane should be left available for other cars to drive out of the area. Drivers must remain in their vehicles.

    Dropping off and picking up in the bus circle is strictly prohibited as it is a major safety concern.

    Thank you for helping to keep all of our students safe, and to alleviate traffic as much as possible.

    Student parking information is located in the school's student handbook.

    Please respect the parking areas for teachers and staff. Students may only park in the designated student parking lot after the purchase of a parking permit. These can be obtained in the front office for a fee. Students will then be issued a parking decal, which they should display or risk getting a $10 parking ticket. 

    Please note that the parking area next to the band, chorus and art rooms is a designated parking area for TEACHERS AND STAFF. For safety reasons, no student pick up or drop off should occur in this area.