Student Athlete

  •  National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)
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    Any student wishing to play sports at the next level MUST go through the NCAA Clearinghouse to make sure they are eligible at that level.  They look at core classes and not electives. A Clearinghouse GPA is different from a high school GPA. They do add weight to any honors, AP, Pre-IB, IB, or Dual enrollment classes.

    Clearinghouse will not accept courses taken through the CROP program. They will accept classes from the regular curriculum, Florida Virtual School (there are some courses not accepted that are usually identified by retrieval courses in the name), and Adult Ed.  These can be used to make-up classes with a D or F in them.

    When should students register?

    They should register their junior year.  They should complete the online registration, pay the fee, send their ACT or SAT test scores from the respective agencies, and request for transcripts to be sent. You must be cleared before you can receive athletic scholarships or compete at a Division Ior II school.

    What are Divisions I, II, and III?

    The NCAA is the governing body of intercollegiate sports.  There are rules for eligibility, recruiting, and financial aid.  Divisions are based on school size and scope of their athletic program.


    Division I requires 16 Core Courses. Division II requires 16 Core Courses as of 2013.

    Can students have the registration fee waived? 

    Students who receive a waiver for the SAT or ACT are eligible for a wavier of the clearinghouse registration fee. The student's counselor MUST submit confirmation of the student's test fee wavier.

    What are the NCAA academic eligibility requirements?

    Students must complete a certain number of core courses (English, Math, Science, History, and Foreign Languages approved by the Clearinghouse).  They must earn a certain grade point average and earn a certain score on the SAT or ACT.  They Must also graduate from high school.

    Certain classes are not approved by NCAA Clearinghouse but may fulfill graduation requirements.  Liberal Arts Math, Integrated Math, Creative Writing, and any credit retrieval classes done via CROP or FLVS are not accepted to Clearinghouse.

    **Starting with the Class of 2016, 10 of 16 core courses must be completed before the seventh semester (senior year) of high school. 7 of the 10 core courses MUST be English, math, or science.  Must have a minimum GPA of 2.3 in those core courses.  Grades are locked in for the 10 core courses required before the senior year.   **