• Student Government Association

    Student Government is  a way to become involved and make a difference in yours and your friends’ high school experience. Help with Homecoming, Prom, and Spirit Weeks. SGA also participates in community service projects and events like Freshman Orientation.  

    It is comprised of the Freshmen Class, Sophomore Class, Junior Class, and Senior Class.

    Sponsors: B. Cole (brevilbs@gm.sbac.edu)

    Class sponsors: Freshmen - M. Davis (davisma2@gm.sbac.edu)
                              Sophomores - C. Tanner (tannercm@gm.sbac.edu)
                              Juniors and Seniors - L. Thomas (thomaslm1@gm.sbac.edu) & P. Mann (mannpl@gm.sbac.edu), 


  • There are no upcoming events to display.