• Welcome!

    The Professional Academies Magnet at Loften High School is a wall-to-wall Career and Technical Education school with six career and technical education programs.  We are a tight-knit school community with a ton of heart!  Since admission to the school is uniquely application only, all students are here by choice to follow their interests in one of our programs such as Fire and Emergency Medical Services, Automotive Technology, Engineering and Robotics, Gaming and Mobile Apps, or Graphic Art and Design, and our newest program, Media Production Technology.  


    Our expectations and goals for students can best be categorized in three areas:


    P repare Professionally

    • Bridge to college and career through AP classes, dual enrollment, and internship opportunities.  Through our growing AP program, students will have at least 10 options for Advanced Placement courses. 

    • Earn multiple industry certifications that help promote employment and college or career advancement 

    A dvance Academically

    • Advanced credit at post-secondary institutions.  In other words, you can earn college credit through completing our program requirements

    • Rigorous and relevant courses are set up in 4x4 block schedule.  Students will have the opportunity for 32 total credits

    M odel Maturity

    • Learn communication, time management, creativity, career opportunities, and pathways

    • One-on-one support for career information, college planning, and social-emotional guidance 



    Kristopher Bracewell, Ed.D