• Activities

    coffee bar

    CULINARY CLUB is a vocational student organization that promotes creative and critical thinking and development of skills for competition.  The CULINARY CLUB expands opportunities to catering in the community as well as opportunities to attend field trips.  This club also operates the cappuccino bar.

    ice carving

    ICE CARVING CLUB promotes the art of ice sculpture.  The students learn carving and tool techniques while stacking, chain sawing, and chiseling three-hundred pound blocks of ice into works of art.  The ICE CARVING CLUB is open to any INSTITUTE OF CULINARY ARTS students interested in ice carving.  Each new member starts out as an assistant.  The progression from assistant to carver can be very rapid and depends on how often a person attends.  With the proper instruction, anyone can gain the knowledge necessary to carve ice.

    As Eastside High School students, INSTITUTE OF CULINARY ARTS program members take advantage of a wide range of extracurricular opportunities. INSTITUTE OF CULINARY ARTS students participate in all interscholastic sports programs. 

    Other extracurricular activities include the arts, such as marching in the Mighty Ram Band, participating in jazz band, or singing in the outstanding chorus program.

    The Culinary Arts program participates in the Rotary Clubs Wild Game Feast as well as the Seafood Spectacular. For the last few years they have been involved in Nocha De Gala, one of the biggest productions for fundraising in Alachua County. Stop Children’s Cancer in the O’Connell Center has also been a major project.

    Extracurricular clubs provide countless opportunities for social interaction, leadership roles, and school and community service including the Ice Carving Club and the Prostart National Competitions where students have won scholarships in the past.