4 year plan

  • Recommended Four Year Plan for Incoming 9th Graders

    9th grade

    10th grade

    11th grade

    12th grade

    English/Reading English English English
    Algebra I/Intensive Math Geometry Algebra 2 Math
    Physical Science Biology Chemistry American Government
    and Economics
    World History HOPE* U.S. History* Foreign
    Culinary Arts 1 Culinary Arts 3 Hospitality and Tourism Hospitality and Tourism
    Culinary Arts 2 Culinary Arts 4 Culinary Education Culinary Educaton

    *Culinary Arts students MUST take some classes online while also attending a normal high school day.  Some students substitute the first year of a Foreign Language for U.S. History.  Some students also choose to take HOPE online.  Reading scores may also dictate one the electives to be Reading.*