Dual Enrollment

  • Dual Enrollment is done for both Santa Fe College and the University of Florida. 

    SFC Dual enrollment Process:

    Students wishing to apply to Santa Fe College for Dual Enrollment should pick-up an application in Guidance.  Students must have passed the FCAT Reading in 10th grade and have taken the ACT, SAT, or PERT test for placement prior to applying.  Please visit www.sfcollege.edu/dualenrollment for more information and accessing the online application.

    UF Dual Enrollment Process:

    1. Complete the approval form and submit to Ms. Turnage, Assistant Principal
    2. MUST have a 3.5 GPA in academic subjects
    3. Must meet minimum test score requirements on the reading, writing, and math sections of the SAT and/or ACT (SAT Critical Reading--460, SAT Math--460, and SAT Writing--440 or the ACT Reading --19, ACT Math-- 19, and ACT English/Writing--18)
    4. Incomplete applications will not be accepted

    Enrollment Forms

    It is the student's responsibility to turn in a completed application to Ms. Markoch in Student Services.  There are 3 approvals that must be obtained after the first approval from Ms. Turnage: School Counselor, Bill Goodman at the District, and the UF Desginee prior to being admitted to the program.