Dual Enrollment

  • Dual Enrollment is done for both Santa Fe College and the University of Florida. 

    SFC Dual enrollment Process:

    Students wishing to apply to Santa Fe College for Dual Enrollment should pick-up an application in Guidance.  Students must have passed the FCAT Reading in 10th grade and have taken the ACT, SAT, or PERT test for placement prior to applying.  Please visit www.sfcollege.edu/dualenrollment for more information and accessing the online application.

    UF Dual Enrollment Process:

    1. Complete the approval form and submit to Ms. Turnage, Assistant Principal
    2. MUST have a 3.5 GPA in academic subjects
    3. Must meet minimum test score requirements on the reading, writing, and math sections of the SAT and/or ACT (SAT Critical Reading--460, SAT Math--460, and SAT Writing--440 or the ACT Reading --19, ACT Math-- 19, and ACT English/Writing--18)
    4. Incomplete applications will not be accepted

    Enrollment Forms

    It is the student's responsibility to turn in a completed application to Ms. Markoch in Student Services.  There are 3 approvals that must be obtained after the first approval from Ms. Turnage: School Counselor, Bill Goodman at the District, and the UF Designee prior to being admitted to the program.


    Santa Fe College Dual Enrollment:  Each year students interested in applying for Dual Enrollment at SFC can do so by visiting their website and filling out their application.  You must have passed the FCAT and have a good GPA.  Students who typically do this dual enrollment take all classes on their campus.  This is open to Juniors and Seniors. ***Parent and Student MUST have a meeting with Eastside Counselor before schedule will be adjusted for Dual Enrollment at SFC***

    University of Florida Dual Enrollment: There are deadlines each semester that UF sets and will not budge from those deadlines.  There is a process to follow:

    1.  Get permission from Ms. Turnage, the Assistant Principal for Curriculum

    2.  Fill out the appropriate paperwork and return to Cyndi Markoch in Guidance.

    3.  That paperwork is then sent to the County Guidance Supervisor. They give the county approval first and then forward all paperwork to UF.  You are not to send anything to UF directly.

    4.  Process must be repeated each semester.

    5.  You must pick classes at UF that are not offered during the school day and you must choose class periods that are usually 1st or 6th periods for transportation purposes.

    6.  All Students will have a full schedule at Eastside and classes chosen at UF must be able to match our master schedule.

    7.  Must have taken the ACT and scored College ready scores in all categories or the SAT and scored college ready scores in each area.

    8.  Must also have a 3.25 GPA unweighted and be a Junior or Senior.