Retrieval of Credits / Getting Ahead

  • Students must earn 24 credits in order to graduate from high school. With those credits, they must have a min. 2.0 unweighted GPA. Students can take courses to get ahead or to make up courses that they have earned a D or F. Athletes wishing to play at the collegiate level can only makeup courses prior to the seventh semester in high school. As students make-up credits or take additional credits, they are added to the transcript and the old grade is replaced.

    CROP--Credit Retrieval Options Program

    • Computer-based instruction
    • Does fulfill the new virtual class requirement if a whole course is taken
    • Can only be taken to make-up credits to replace a course with a D or F or loss of credit due to Attendance
    • Students work in a lab setting with a certified teacher in the room on various subjects
    • Students must earn at least a 70% on each submission including the final exam
    • Students work on one semester at a time for the needed course
    • Length of time depends on the student
    • Students MUST fill out a registration paper each semester for that CROP session. School Counselors review the necessary transcripts and select the courses needed. 
    • The Assistant Principal for Student Services assigns the students and meets with each one prior to the class starting
    • Attendance is mandatory.  Students can only miss one time.  They are automatically dropped if they miss more than once. 
    • Normal school rules apply
    • Meets Monday thru Thursday from 3:00pm to 4:15pm
    • Limited number of weeks each semester
    • Courses taken via CROP are NOT accepted by NCAA Clearinghouse for athletes

    Alachua e-School

    • Link to Alachua e-school
    • Computer-based instruction
    • Done through Alachua County School Board via Florida Virtual School
    • Local teachers and smaller classes
    • Does fulfill the new virtual class requirement for the Classes of 2015 and beyond
    • See your school counselor for more information
    • Is accepted by NCAA Clearinghouse for athletes

    Florida Virtual School

    • Computer-based instruction
    • Can be taken to make up credits or to get ahead
    • Does fulfill the new virtual class requirement for the Classes of 2015 and 2016 and 2017
    • Teachers are from all of the country
    • Students go to to create an account and sign up for a class
    • School then approves the courses requested as long as you have taken the required prerequisites and are not currently enrolled in those classes during the school day.  This is done on a daily basis.
    • Students should select only high school level courses (Do not select courses with an M/J in the name. This is for middle school only)
    • The Instructor will then contact the student to start them in the class once there is an opening
    • Students have 14 days to show progress before Florida Virtual School will drop the student
    • Any grade earned including a Failing grade from Florida Virtual School is added to your official high school transcript
    • The average length of time to finish a semester course is about 16-18 weeks
    • Is accepted by NCAA Clearinghouse for athletes--Credit Retrieval classes on FLVS are not accepted

    Adult Ed

    • Paper and pencil based instruction with a certified teacher in the room
    • Must be at least 16 years of age
    • Adult Education courses can be taken to make up credits
    • Length of time is based on student performance
    • Can only take 3 full credits in adult ed during the entire time in high school
    • Various highs schools offer certain subjects. 
    • Students from all high schools can take the adult ed courses at any high school.
    • Eastside offers Math and Science courses
    • Meet Monday thru Thursday from 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm 
    • Attendance Policy is also in effect for Adult Ed courses
    • Must meet with the school counselor to register for a class
    • Offered all year long and sometimes for a few weeks in the summer
    • Is accepted by NCAA Clearinghouse for athletes


    • Be careful to always do your best in making up credits or taking additional credits.
    • All credits are added to the official high school transcript
    • There are other virtual schools out there, but many are not accepted by the school board or colleges. Any courses taken through a non-accredited organization cannot be added to the official transcript.