Computer Accounts and Access

  • Information Resources provides several of the computer support services for the District as well as housing the Helpdesk for logging in computer problems and outages. One of our primary functions is maintaining sign-ons for the various software packages that run throughout the District.

    There are multiple possible sign-ons at the School Board of Alachua County such as Active Directory, Skyward, ACIIS, Edutone, and email. Regardless of the type of sign-on, the first step for any new employee will be to fill out an Access Request Form which they can obtain from their administrator. It will be either green or purple. The security needed should be marked on the form, signed by the employee and administrator, and submitted to Information Resources at the School Board of Alachua County.

    Before using any School Board computers, we urge you to read our use policy as stated at under Property, 7540 through 7540.06.


PC/Active Directory Sign-on:

  • The first sign-on is your PC sign-on which may or may not be Active Directory. The sign-on should look like the following:


    You can click on options and if you get another window with AD as a choice, you are on Active Directory. If you do not have the password, the person to contact would be your Site Tech. If you are on Active Directory and your Site Tech cannot help you, contact the Helpdesk at 955-7051  to be certain you have an Active Directory account and to have your password set.

Email Accounts


    We create most email accounts as last name, first and middle initial. You can sign into your email by going to the SBAC web page at, scrolling down to email and selecting SBAC Gmail. The Gmail sign-on looks like this:

    Google Email Login

    Please be aware that this is a business account and not a private, personal account. Please use accordingly. While personal email is not prohibited, it is also not private. Email coming in and going out is backed up. However, you are personally responsible for complying with the Florida Public Information Act for retaining pertinent emails for the designated period of time. Managing your email by reading and deleting or filing into appropriate folders instead of leaving all email in your INBOX will prevent your email from becoming unbearably slow and unmanageable. It also becomes a necessity with Google mail as there is a quota on this account that means you will not receive new emails once you reach this quota until you remove some of your old email.

Web Sites and Web Usage

  • Web Page: 

    Upon request, you may have your own school-related website linked to your school's website. Your contact for this would be your school webmaster and site tech. District and school websites are managed with Blackboard's Web Community Manager. Teacher class pages should be developed using Google Sites.

    Web Use:

    When using the web, please report any inappropriate sites via email to We will block them. Conversely, if you need to reach a site that is currently blocked and it is urgent, please contact the Helpdesk at 955-7051. If it is not urgent, email your unblock request to the above filter address.

Transferring Procedures

  • When you transfer to a new school, your computer access location change is initiated by the Executive Assistant by the school or department. Once your Transfer Status form as reviewed, approved, and keyed into Skyward-ERP, the overnight process will then pick up the new data to be processed the next day. If you are unsure whether your form has been processed, contact your Executive Assistant who can check your status.

Skyward Business and Finance (Employee Access) Users

  • Selected employees dealing with financials receive this account. This is not a concern for most new employees.

    Skyward ERP Login Screen

Skyward Sign-on for Grades


    If you are a teacher, you will sign onto Skyward to enter your grades. Support personnel may also be required to use certain Skyward screens. The Skyward sign-on screen looks like this:


    If you cannot login to Skyward, you can call the Helpdesk to obtain a new password or have your account unlocked. The number is 955-7051.Skyward SIS Login screen

myPortal SSO

  • myPortal Single Sign On is the gateway to your textbook and supplemental online resources. Log in with your Active Directory credentials. Your resources are allocated based on your location in Active Directory. If you have changed schools, be sure to fill out a transfer form to update your location.

    Edutone SSO login



 Helpdesk and Who to Call

  • When it becomes necessary to call the Helpdesk, please have the following information available when appropriate:

    • Contact name
    • Contact phone number
    • School name
    • Room number
    • ACPS number
    • Description of the problem

    That  number is 955-7051.