Data Analytics, Accountability & Evaluation

  • The Office of Data Analytics, Accountability, and Evaluation supports the Curriculum Division and the schools of the District.  The Office administers the following functions:

    Student Assessment: The Testing Office coordinates and administers state-mandated standardized tests.

    Accountability: Accountability encompasses maintaining the accuracy of data and its subsequent aggregation to evaluate the effectiveness of students, teachers, schools and programs.  Included in this function are school grades and teacher evaluation.

    Research: The Office of Research focuses on controlling the research activities of outside agencies within the schools, as well as coordinating and assisting in-district research efforts.


    Every student has a right of privacy in the educational records kept by the School Board. The records are confidential under federal and state law, and may not be released by school employees except as provided in Board Policy 8350.

Contact Us

  • Taylor Gilfillan, Director
    Email: gilfillantw
    Phone: (352) 955-7623 ext. 1079


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  • Thomas Vu, Interim Testing Coordinator
    Email: vutp
    Phone: (352) 955-7681


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