Data Analytics, Accountability, and Evaluation

  • Welcome to the Data Analytics, Evaluation, and Accountability Department! Our mission is to turn information into actionable insights for the students and educators that we serve across our District. Our office is responsible for overseeing all progress monitoring tools, staff evaluation models, program evaluation, and student records management. This includes:

    • Coordinating and administering required national, state, and local assessments

    • Creating and improving data systems and structures that allow for deeper insight and action across departments, schools, and communities.

    • ensuring accountability, which includes maintaining the accuracy of data and evaluating the effectiveness of students, teachers, schools, and programs through school grades, teacher evaluations, and program evaluations.

    • Facilitating the approval process for research activities conducted by outside agencies within our schools, as well as coordinate and assist with in-district research efforts. We also work with our staff attorney's office and an internal review board to approve data-sharing agreements with outside agencies.

    • Coordinating the management of student records for both current and former students. This includes in- and out-of-district transfers, compliance with state statute and record-keeping requirements, records destruction, and our goal of eventually digitizing 100% of student records.

    Every student has a right of privacy in the educational records kept by the School Board. The records are confidential under federal and state law, and may not be released by school employees except as provided in Board Policy 8350.

  • Student Records
  • Research Requests
  • Student Assessments
  • Insight Survey Results

Contact Us

  • Taylor Gilfillan, MDSA
    Director, Data Analytics, Evaluation, and Accountability
    (352) 955-7623 x 1079  
    Email: gilfillantw

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  • Thomas Vu
    Manager of Special Projects Overseeing Student Assessments
    Email: vutp
    Phone: (352) 955-7681

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  • Bradley Reed
    Manager, Data Analytics
    (352) 955-7300  
    Email: reedbj

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  • Prescott Cowles
    Manager, Special Projects
    (352) 955-7300 x 1018  
    Email: cowlespa

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  • Eytan Oren
    Administrative Assistant
    Email: benorenez
    Phone: (352) 955-7300 x 1227

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