Comprehensive Rezoning

  • Alachua County Public Schools has begun the important process of comprehensive rezoning, which means redrawing school attendance zones district-wide. Zones for all elementary, middle and high schools will be reviewed during this process.

    New school zones are expected to be finalized in November of 2023 and take effect for the 2024-25 school year.

    The district has already scheduled several special community meetings to share current enrollment, capacity and other information and to gather public input before any new zone lines/maps are created. The dates, times and locations of those meetings are posted on this site.

    Additional meetings will be scheduled for the fall to gather input from the public after new zone lines and maps have been developed. Special School Board meetings and workshops will also be held to discuss rezoning, and the public will be able to weigh in during those meetings as well. We encourage you to keep checking back on this site for information on future meetings.

    We’ll also be posting data, links to meeting videos and other critical information about rezoning on this site.

    A special email box has been set up to collect public input on comprehensive rezoning. That email address is

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