Proposed New Zone Maps

  • These are the proposed maps that have been developed as part of the district’s comprehensive rezoning process, although changes to the maps are being made to reflect updated student attendance figures. A series of School Board meetings and community input sessions will be held before the School Board votes on a final plan on December 5. Any new zone lines approved by the School Board would not take effect until the 2024/25 school year.

    Both the static and interactive elementary maps were updated on 10/31/2023 as part of the district’s ongoing rezoning process. No changes were made to the middle or high school maps.

    Here is a summary of revisions to proposed elementary zones:

    •    Rock Creek Subdivision – The full subdivision is now included in the rezoning to Glen Springs (from the current Littlewood zone)

    •    An area in Gainesville located north and east of Highway 441 (including Whitney Mobile Home Park) that was slated to change from Talbot to Foster will remain zoned to Talbot

    •    An area north of 39th Ave. (Summer Creek, Greystone) has been zoned back to Meadowbrook due to the traffic configuration. Huntington has not been included in this change because of the access to the NW 51st St. traffic light, and therefore is still slated to be rezoned to Talbot.

    •    The area south of NW 23rd Ave., north of Newberry Rd. and west of NW 51st St., including but not limited to Kingswood, Boardwalk, West Park, West Hills, Park Avenue, Blakemeade, Pinewoods, Campo Verde, University Acres, Shenandoah—This area is currently zoned to Meadowbrook or Terwilliger and was slated to move to Littlewood or Glen Springs, but will now remain in or be assigned to Meadowbrook.

    •    The area located south of SW 8th Avenue (Cobblefield) with access to Chiles will remain at Chiles.

Lookup System/Interactive Maps

  • The Look Up System/Interactive Maps (en Español) allow viewers to type in a specific street address and find a list of both the current and proposed schools for that address.

    Through the interactive map function, viewers can pinpoint the address on a map and add layers showing the current zone lines for each level (elementary, middle and high school) and/or the proposed zone for each level. Zooming in also allows viewers to see street names and other location details.

    These maps also offer the option of viewing current and proposed zones over a satellite image.

    More detailed directions and a key are included on the look up system/interactive maps. You can find those instructions at any time by clicking on the ‘i’ icon at the top right-hand side of the page.

    These maps can be viewed on a cell phone but are best viewed on a tablet, laptop and desktop computer.

    Click here to access the interactive map

    Español:  Haga clic aquí para ver el mapa interactivo

Static Maps

  • Map Key:

    • Click on each map and zoom in to view more detailed information on streets and other location indicators.The bold black outlines indicate the current zone lines for each school.
    • The colors show the areas that would be zoned to schools under the proposed plan.
    • The key on the bottom right-hand side of each map shows the colors associated with each school.

    Click on each map image below to access the proposed zone maps: