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  • The district's homeschool department is located at 620 East University Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601. This department can assist parents in making a decision when it comes to meeting the educational needs of their child. The department can assist in helping families understand the law and how to maintain records for homeschool students.

    Important information about beginning your home education program:

    • To begin, you will need to submit your Letter of Intent. This can be done one of two ways:
      1. Create your own letter, the contents of the letter must include the student's: full name, date of birth, address and parent/guardian signature
      2. Complete the ACPS intent form
        • Please email or mail your letter of intent to homeschool@gm.sbac.edu or 620 E. University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601 Attn Homeschool Department.
    • Please read Florida Statute 1002.41 for more information concerning the requirements for the family and the district that apply to your home education program.
    • If you remain in your home education program, your annual evaluation will be due on or before the date of your letter of intent of each year. This form can be emailed to the Office of Homeschool as well.  Please read paragraph "f" of the above statute for more details.
    • If your address changes, please email or mail your updated information to either homeschool@gm.sbac.edu or 620 E. University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601 Attn Homeschool Department.
    • If you return to a public or private school, including FLVS full-time, enroll in the Personalized Education Program (PEP) or move out of Alachua county, please complete the Notification of Termination.
    • If you have finished your home education program, the equivalent of graduation, please note the following:
      • Final evaluation and the notification of termination are required. In addition, many choose to complete this affidavit.
    • Please note that the homeschool department is NOT a school of record, meaning we do not create or maintain transcripts, grade promote or award diplomas.
    • Home Education Resources.

    If you need additional information about requirements for homeschooling your child, contact the department at 352-955-7622.homeschool

Contact Us

  • Ginger Stanford
    Email- homeschool@gm.sbac.edu

    Mail verification forms to:
    Homeschool Office
    620 E. University Ave
    Gainesville, Florida 32601

    The Home School Office is located at 620 E. University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601. 

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