Charter Bus Services

  • On the link below you will find all contract documents. 

    1. The new SBAC Charter Bus Reservation & Quotation form; 
    2. Reservation Instructions, including details regarding service scheduling, cancellations and the District's performance expectations for the bus companies; 
    3. List of SBAC approved charter bus companies; 
    4. Pricing structure by vendor (these are maximum prices only); 
    5. Contract IFB 21-15 Charter Bus Services.  
    6. Contract 24-108 Charter Bus Services SFC ITB #01-24
    The Reservation & Quotation form is in PDF format so you can easily fill out on your computer instead of printing and filling out by hand. You would then save the link to your desktop for future use changing only the trip information for each trip.
    The reservation form has three parts; 
    Section one is to be filled out by you prior to requesting any quotes. This section is generic. You can fill this part out once and then send it to multiple vendors at the same time via email. 
    Section two is for the vendor to complete. This their quote for the trip you have entered in section one.
    Section three is the confirmation/approval section of the quote. You will fill this out once you have accepted a quote and only send it to the company who provided the BEST quote. Once this returned to the company, it becomes the official confirmation for the trip.
    Going forward, Purchasing will no longer accept charter company quote forms. All quotes/reservations need to be on the SBAC Charter Bus Quotation & Reservation form.


    You may now use your P-Cards to book your Charter Buses. Here are the details:
    • Maximum booking allowed for P-Card usage is $6250;
    • Above $6250 must be on a purchase order;
    • Split transactions are PRE-APPROVED for these two contracts only (IFB 21-15 Charter Bus Services & 24-108 Charter Bus Services SFC ITB # 01-24) up to the $6250 threshold. There is no need to request approval for split transactions, when the total value of the booking is below $6250