Immigrant Family Services

  • The State of Florida is required to provide additional services for students who are qualified as "eligible immigrant students".  Support programs for immigrant students and families in Alachua County Public Schools began in the 2014-15 school year.  We provide services for students K-12 and their families. 

    The term "eligible immigrant student" is defined as a student who:
    (a)  is 3-21 years old; 
    (b)  was not born in any state, Washington, DC or Puerto Rico; (children of military personnel who were born outside these territories are considered immigrant for the purposes of this program)
    (c)  has not been attending any one or more schools in the United States for more than 3 full academic years.

    A student does NOT have to be part of the ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) program to be considered an immigrant student.  Some immigrant students are enrolled in ESOL classes, others are already fluent in English and do not need ESOL support.

    Some of the services available to immigrant families in this school district include:

    • Acculturation activities (parent workshops, guidance and community outreach)
    • Assistance in accessing community resources
    • Translation/Interpretation services as feasible

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of the ESOL Family Liaison Specialists:

    Kamil Leavitt
    Family Liaison Specialist
    (352) 955-6707, ext. 375
    (serves all public schools and charter schools, EXCEPT Parker Elementary, Westwood Middle, Gainesville High).

    Gloria V. Schwartz
    Family Liaison Specialist
    (352) 955-6707, ext. 375
    (serves Parker Elementary, Westwood Middle, Gainesville High)



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