School Covid Reports

  • The charts below provide a count of the number of active COVID-19 cases reported to Alachua County Public Schools. Active cases are defined as those reported within the previous two weeks, which is the incubation period for the virus.

    The chart labeled 'District Totals' is a running total of all cases since August 17, 2020, not just active cases.

    These numbers reflect all cases reported among students and staff at school and worksites who are attending school or working in person. Student cases are indicated in blue, staff cases in red.

    It is important to note that these numbers are NOT an indication that the cases were contracted or are in any way connected with the school or worksite.

    These figures will be updated on a daily basis.


    *0.5 denotes employee working at two locations.

Covid Active Cases

District Totals Since 8/17

Totals Since 8/17