• Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials


    Submitting a Request:

    Requests for reconsideration of Library Materials are submitted in writing to the school's principal.

    The Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Library Materials form must be used for this request. (see image upper right).

    School Level Review:

    Once the request has been received by the principal, a meeting of the school's Library Advisory Council will be established.  The meeting will be publicly noticed but public comment will be prohibited during the meeting.

    The committee will review the request and make a recommendation for resolution.

    The principal will notify the requestor of the council's recommendation.  If the objection is not resolved to the requestor's satisfaction, the principal will then refer the requestor to a district-level curriculum supervisor.

    District Level Review:

    The district-level curriculum supervisor will convene a committee comprised of :

    • Curriculum Supervisor
    • District level Media Specialist
    • District level Guidance Counselor
    • District level Curriculum Specialist
    • Parent whose child has access to such material

    The objector is further permitted to provide any evidence they desire for the committee to consider.

    The meeting will also be publicly noticed with public comment prohibited.

    If the matter is not resolved to the objector's satisfaction, an open public hearing before an unbiased and qualified hearing officer will be held.

    School Board Level Review:

    Within 14 days of the date of the hearing, the hearing officer will submit a recommended order to the Board.

    The Board will consider the order and enter a final decision at a publicly noticed Board Meeting.

    Citizen's Request for Reconsideration of Library Material Form

    This form should be used by a parent or resident of this county, in conjunction with district policies and procedures, to submit an objection for the following material:

    1. Materials used in a classroom in the district, except for instructional materials as defined in s.1006.29(2),F.S. The process and forms to object to instructional materials can be found 

    2. Materials made available to students in a school or classroom library.

    3. Materials included on a school or classroom reading list. 

    For More Informtion

    Please direct any questions about this form to Patty Duval, email: duvalpk@gm.sbac.edu or phone: 352-955-6860, ext. 1503.

  • Library

  • Media Access Levels

    Alachua County Public Schools has implemented a new process that allows parents to choose their student's level of access to school media center collections each year:

    Unlimited: My child may have full access to check out grade and age-appropriate books that are available at their grade level (elementary, middle, high)school library as well as classroom libraries.

    Limited: My student may check out books from the library media center, but there is content that I would like my student not to have access to in the library media center including the classroom library.

    No Access: My student is not permitted to check books out of the library media center or use classroom library books.

    To make a selection other than Unlimited, please make the selection here.  If you choose unlimited, you do not need to complete the form.