• After Graduation

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    Graduates of Eastside’s IB are practicing medicine and law. They are working as pilots, professors, stock brokers, journalists, environmentalists, and corporate consultants. Many are working on post-graduate degrees and post-doctoral projects.

     More than 99% of IB graduates continue their education. They have attended a wide range of colleges and universities, including American, Bard, Barnard, Berkeley, Brown, BYU, Carnegie Mellon, Chicago, Clemson, Colby, Columbia, Dartmouth, Emory, Florida, Furman, Georgia, Harvard, Holy Cross, Johns Hopkins, McGill, Miami, Michigan, MIT, Morehouse, Notre Dame, Penn, Princeton, Rice, Reed, Smith, Stanford, Toronto, Tulane, Virginia, Wake Forest, Wellesley, West Point, William & Mary, Williams, Wisconsin, and Yale.

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