IB Students

  • Eastside High School’s International Baccalaureate scholars are curious and open to new ideas. They have a sense of humor, and they enjoy being around other people. Many independently pursue special interests in school subjects that trigger their enthusiasm. They read widely and well, and they enjoy reading for pleasure. They care about knowledge for its own sake, and they care about the world and its peoples. Most importantly, IB students are willing to work diligently to realize their dreams.

    Students from many nationalities have attended Eastside’s IB Program, and several have successfully presented IB credit from Eastside to universities in their native countries. Among the nations that have been represented at Eastside are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, Germany, Haiti, Honduras, Hungary, India, Iran, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Ukraine, and the UK.