9130.01 Complaints regarding Instructional/Library Materials

  • The Board is responsible for the content of all instructional materials and any other materials used in a classroom, made available in a school library, or included on a reading list. Upon written request, an individual will be provided access to material or books specified in the written request that are maintained in a District library, if such material or books are available for review. The school principal shall arrange for a convenient time to provide such access.

    Any interested parent, student, staff member, or resident may request that an instructional material used in a classroom, made available in a school library, or included on a reading list be re-evaluated. For challenges to or complaints regarding selection and adoption of instructional materials, see Policy 2520, Selection and Adoption of Instructional Materials.

    For purposes of this policy, "resident" means a resident of the county who has maintained his/her residence in Florida for the preceding year, has purchased a home that is occupied by him/her as his/her residence or has established a domicile in Florida pursuant to F.S. 222.17.

    All complaints received under this policy shall be addressed as follows:


    1. Complaint -- The complaint shall be addressed to the principal in writing on the Instructional/Library Material Re-Evaluation Form (Form 9130.01 F1) and shall include the following:
      1. author;
      2. title;
      3. complainant's familiarity with the material challenged;
      4. sections challenged by page number and item; and
      5. whether the challenged material contains content that is pornographic or prohibited under F.S. 847.012, is not suited to student needs and their ability to comprehend the material presented, or is inappropriate for the grade level and age group for which the material is used.

    2. Review -- Upon receipt of the complaint, the principal shall review the material in question at the local school level. The Principal may appoint a school-level review committee composed of persons responsible for selecting or using the material and subject area specialists, when appropriate. Pending the outcome of re-evaluation the instructional/library material will remain in use.

      The Principal will advise the complainant, in writing within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the complaint of the action taken or being recommended.

    3. Appeals -- If the request is denied, the complainant may appeal the school's decision to the Superintendent.

      The Superintendent shall take appropriate action and may appoint a District-level review committee, if necessary. The committee, if appointed, shall further evaluate the instructional material and report its findings and recommendations to the Superintendent.

      The Superintendent will advise the complainant, in writing within thirty (30) days of the finding or recommendation of the committee.

      If the Superintendent finds that the material should be removed, a recommendation will be made to the Board for consideration.

      If the Superintendent denies the request, the decision shall be final.

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  • Media Access Levels

    Alachua County Public Schools has implemented a new process that allows parents to choose their student's level of access to school media center collections each year:

    Unlimited: My child may have full access to check out grade and age-appropriate books that are available at their grade level (elementary, middle, high)school library as well as classroom libraries.

    Limited: My student may check out books from the library media center, but there is content that I would like my student not to have access to in the library media center including the classroom library.

    No Access: My student is not permitted to check books out of the library media center or use classroom library books.

    To make a selection other than Unlimited, please make the selection here.  If you choose unlimited, you do not need to complete the form.