• College Student Opportunities

    To volunteer with Alachua County Public Schools, follow these three steps:

    • STEP 1: Contact our office at volunteers@gm.sbac.edu
    • STEP 2: Register for an orientation session. You are REQUIRED to attend an orientation session before volunteering.
    • STEP 3: When everything is confirmed with you, the teacher, and our office, you will begin your volunteer work.


      • The Volunteer Program does not track your hours. You will have the opportunity to use RAPTOR (our volunteer tracking system). How to use RAPTOR will be covered in your volunteer orientation.
      • You are expected to volunteer for 10 weeks during the semester.
      • Please email volunteers@gm.sbac.edu or call the Alachua County School Volunteer Program office at 352-955-7250 ext. 6411 for more information on getting placed in a classroom.

    If you are looking for a placement for Fall 2023, please fill out the 2023-2024 Volunteer Interest Form to be contacted once the volunteer recruitment process begins.  

    Image of an adult and child with the words "While You're Here, Volunteer" around them.



Additional Opportunities