What is SSO?

  • As part of Florida’s Race to the Top grant award, we have worked to establish single sign-on access to online educational resources including our digital textbooks and FLDOE state resources such as CPALMS, eIPEP and Florida School Leaders.  This means you will have the ability to access several programs without having to log-in multiple times and remember multiple credentials.

    Log in to our Single Sign-on with your Active Directory credentials to access digital resources any time: https://acps.gg4l.com

    Our Help Desk has been trained in and is aware of this initiative. Teachers are asked to direct their questions to them. Please do not contact FLDOE for password resets or account information.

    We have provided some self-help documentation below which we hope you will find useful.

    To learn more about the resources that will be provided by this portal, visit the Available Resources link from the SSO home page:
     - https://portal.fldoesso.org/PORTAL/Sign-on/Resources/Available-Resources.aspx


    Alachua County Public Schools