• Property Movement Forms


    Cannibalized Tangible Property Movement Form - DIS 067.001

    Tangible property items that are scrapped or used for parts and disposed of will have a record of disposition of property number and the method of disposition.  Any school or department that has tangible property to repair, scrap, or destroy for whatever reason, must use a Cannibalized Tangible Property Movement Form (DIS 067.001).  This form must be signed and also an additional signature of the person witnessing the method of disposition.  A copy of this form must be sent to the Property Control Department immediately after disposition.

    Tangible Property Movement Form - DIS 056.003

    All schools and departments must use Form DIS 056.003 when identifying surplus, whether the surplus property is obsolete, uneconomical to repair, inoperable/inefficient due to fair wear and tear, or recyclable and therefore could be utilized by other schools or departments.  Based on the information provided by the schools/departments regarding the property, the warehouse personnel will exercise sound business judgement in determining what combination of steps it will take to process the property.

    Recyclable Property is property that is in fair to good working order and susceptible to use by other schools or departments.  It shall not be dropped from the District's property list, but shall be staged in an area designated for this category of equipment so that district offices, schools, and departments may view it.

    Tangible property, not recyclable, shall be disposed of by giving consideration and preference as follows:

    1. Can the property be salvaged or used by other schools or departments?
    2. Can the property be used by other state agencies?
    3. Can the property be sold to the public via store sale or public auction?
    4. If none of the above apply, the property shall be disposed of in a reasonsable, environmentally-sound manner, including donation to approrpaite non-profit gorups with the approval of the Deputy Director of Planning, Budgeting and Systems Accountability.

    This form can also by used for moving tangible property from school to school, department to department, or school to department.  The form must be used for the movement of any tangible property, in order for property to be accounted for in its proper location.

    This form must be forwarded to the Property Control Department (PDC) immediately after movement is completed.  When printing forms on-line, additional copies may be printed for appropriate records to each party.