• Overview

    August 17, 2021, the School Board awarded a contract for the provision of printing services previously provided by the District’s Print Shop. The contract is intended for the use of all schools, centers, and departments (“service sites”) within the District in fulfilling their print and copy requirements. By way of example, this shall include, but not limited to, various forms, brochures, booklets, test assessments, student planners, graduation announcements, manuals, catalogs, envelopes, stationery, business cards, folders, reports, and handbooks.

    All awarded vendors are established full-service commercial printing companies with state-of-the-art equipment including digital print/copy and offset printing, in both black/white and color, and customary finishing services such as drilling, stapling, cutting, folding, padding, laminating, booklet making, and various methods of binding.

    The contract is not intended to supplant any of those services currently offered by the Teachers’ Production Lab including color printing, limited to low volume production jobs only. The Teachers Lab also provides a full range of other support services such as graphic design services, large format printing, lamination, and creative and technical assistance.

    General Inquiries

    Direct all general questions relating to the contract to:

    Kelsey Molander/Purchasing Department

    Phone: 352-955-7582

    Email: molanderkr

    Jeffery Garcia/Purchasing Department
    Phone: 352-955-7618
    Email: garciaj

     Technical Support

    Information about file formats, image resolutions, paper types, other printing services, etc. is available from the Teacher’s Production Lab.

    Graphic design and page layout assistance are provided at no charge as part of the services offered by the Teachers' Lab.

    Sivia Support Center, 3700 NE 53rd Avenue, Gainesville 32609

    Direct all requests for technical assistance to:

    David Stanley, Teachers’ Lab Manager

    Phone: (352) 955-6850, ext. 1509

    *Email: stanled or teacherslab



    Alta Systems, Inc.

    6825 NW 18th Drive

    Gainesville, FL 32653-1613

    Account Representative: Deborah Arnold

    Phone: (352) 372-2534

    General Email:



    Allegra Gainesville

        327 NW 23rd Avenue, Suite #1-4

        Gainesville, FL 32609

        Account Representative(s): Karen Bailey, Don Bailey

        Phone: (352) 373-7547

        General Email:



    Target Copy/Renaissance of Gainesville

        Online Orders:

        Account Representative: Karen Kain

        Office: (352) 376-3826



        Available: M-F, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


    Target - Campus

        1412 West University Avenue

        Gainesville, FL  32603

        Account Representative(s): Brendan Wright, Jennifer Ford

        Phone: (352) 376-3826

        General Email:


        Monday - Friday 7 am - 10 pm, Saturday - Sunday 9 am - 7 pm                


    DBA Renaissance Printing

        4130 NW 16th Blvd.

        Gainesville, FL  32605

        Account Representative(s): Brendan Wright, Jennifer Ford

        Ph.: (352) 372-2233

        General Email:


        Monday - Friday 7 am - 10 pm, Saturday - Sunday 9 am - 7 pm


    Quality Printing and Mailing

        2401b NW 66th Court

        Gainesville, FL  32653

        Account Representative(s): Tito Yanez-Calvo

        Ph.: (352) 377-8400

        General Email:



    Contract Term

    The contract base term shall be approximately three (03) years, August 18, 2021 - July 31, 2024.   


    Purchase of printing services shall be limited to awarded vendors only. Exceptions may be made only with the permission of the Purchasing Department.

    Other Organizations

    All awarded vendors have agreed to extend contract pricing to charter schools, and other District sponsored tax exempt organizations (i.e., PTA/PTO, Athletic Booster Committees, etc.).

    Contract Management

    All day-to-day activities of contract services including placement of print orders and payment approval shall be coordinated with one (01) or more designated staff at each service site (hereinafter “Site Representative”). All awarded vendors have been instructed to not accept print orders from unauthorized personnel.

    Account Management

    Each awarded vendor shall have available one or more designated Account Representatives, with basic technical knowledge, to assist in placement of print orders, quality control, billing and other service related issues. Account Representative shall be knowledgeable of contract and be the liaison between the vendor and the service site on all matters pertaining thereto. Account Representative shall respond to all calls for assistance within twenty-four (24) hours of initial contact, and have the ability to provide on-site consultations upon request.

    Digital Files

    Electronic files of print jobs previously performed by the District’s Print Shop may be available upon request from the Teacher’s Production Lab. It shall be standard business practice for vendors to digitally archive all submitted electronic files and scanned printed materials during the term of the contract unless otherwise directed. It is also highly recommended that service sites save electronic files and/or hard copies for all print jobs.


    All awarded vendors have the capability to receive and produce print materials from both hardcopy original documents, and PC/Mac electronic files using common business and publishing software (i.e., Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator). Electronic files shall be submitted via CD, flash drive, email, or vendors’ FTP website. Hardcopy documents shall be scanned and saved in PDF format. Vendor shall be responsible for making all necessary file transfers and conversions. There shall be no additional charge for any necessary scanning or file processing. Vendor shall be responsible for all costs incurred by District for replication and/or replacement of any documents that are lost or damaged. 

    Typesetting/Graphic Design Capabilities

    It is understood that hard copy and electronic files provided to the vendor may not be print ready. All awarded vendors have the in-house capability to create, edit, modify and enhance documents as required to ensure the best quality print output. Refer to Price Schedule for a listing of all graphic design and typesetting fees charged by vendors.

    Price Quotes        

    A written quotation shall be required for all print jobs unless otherwise waived by District Representative for repeat orders. All service sites are urged to “price compare” as standard purchasing procedure in accordance with the following quote thresholds:

    < $6,000: minimum (01) quote required

    $6,000 - $12,499: minimum (02) quotes required

    ≥ $12,500: contact Purchasing Department for assistance

    As the need arises, the Site Representative shall furnish an electronic file copy and details of the print job to the vendor via email, facsimile, online webpage, or in person. It shall be the responsibility of the Site Representative to communicate any unique requirements involving special handling, packaging, and delivery. The Account Representative shall be available, if necessary, to consult with Site Representative on the design, materials, and scope of work. Any vendor cost savings suggestions should be encouraged and considered.

    The quotation shall normally be submitted to Site Representative within one (02) business days of the request. The quotation shall be easily understandable and sufficiently detailed by line item to determine conformance with established contract pricing and other terms and conditions. There shall be no additional charge to the District for providing quotations or consultation.


    Proofs in soft (electronic) format shall be required from vendors for all print jobs except for repeat orders. All proofs shall require the written approval of Site Representative prior to processing of order. Vendor shall be responsible for the reprint cost of any print job in which written approval has not been received. All proofs shall be provided at no additional charge to the District.        

    Standard Order Process

    Print orders shall be placed as needed by Site Representative via on-line website, email, facsimile or in-person. Authorization of order shall be by means of Visa™ Purchasing Card, official District purchase order or internal purchase order. Verbal or blanket purchase orders are prohibited and shall not be honored by the vendor. It shall be required that service site submit a completed print order form except when ordering on-line at Target Copy website.

    Print Order Forms

    Print orders shall be placed using each vendor’s standard order form.

    Alta Systems Allegra FKA Insty-Prints Target Copy Quality Printing and Mailing

     Minimum Order Requirements

    Vendor minimum or maximum print order requirements shall not be permitted.

    Security of Materials

    It shall be the responsibility of Site Representative to identify to vendor, at time of order placement, any print materials that may contain sensitive or confidential information requiring restricted or special control measures.   

    Pick-up Service

    Vendor shall have the capability to pick-up print orders, documents, artwork, and other related materials at service site upon request of Site Representative. All pick-up services shall normally be performed within two (02) business days of request.


    All awarded vendors have agreed to provide desktop (inside) delivery to all service sites within the District. Print orders may additionally be delivered, at Site Representative’s discretion, to the Physical Distribution Center for redistribution via truck mail to one or more service sites. The exact “Ship To” point shall be specified on print order. The delivery of print orders to unauthorized locations shall be refused by the District. The title of goods shall remain with vendor until received and accepted by the service site.

    Pick-up/Delivery Charge


    Alta Systems


    Target Copy

    Quality Printing and Mailing

    Pick-up at any District service site

    No Charge

    No Charge

    No Charge


    Delivery to any District service site

    No Charge

    No Charge

    No Charge


    Delivery to Physical Distribution Center

    No Charge

    No Charge

    No Charge


    *No charge for pick-up if order > $100

    The practice of picking-up print orders at the vendor’s local print production center shall be strongly discouraged.

    Delivery Time

    All awarded vendors understand that a quick turnaround of print orders is an essential condition of contract. Print orders shall be filled complete and normally delivered within three (03) business days of order placement unless otherwise mutually agreed. Offset print orders, and complex and/or voluminous orders involving typesetting, graphic design, or finishing services may require additional time. Vendor shall specify estimated delivery time on quotation form. Delivery time should be considered by Site Representative prior to placement of order. By acceptance of order, vendor agrees to comply with established delivery schedule.


    Any print order that is not delivered within the established delivery timeframe shall be considered a backorder. Vendor is responsible for notifying Site Representative of any anticipated backorder prior to established delivery date. The District Representative may cancel all or part of any time sensitive print order should there be a delay in delivery for any reason. In such case, it shall be the responsibility of Site Representative to verify that the order is not in production, and to give written notification of order cancellation to vendor. The failure of vendor to comply with established delivery time requirements, for non-acceptable reasons, or to give proper notification of any backorder on three (03) or more occasions may be deemed as a default of contract.

    Rush Orders

    Every effort shall be made by service site to allow sufficient time for order fulfillment. District Representative shall inform vendor of the need to expedite print order at time of order placement. Vendor shall have the discretion to refuse order without penalty if unable to comply with specified delivery time requirements. There shall be no additional charge for the processing of rush orders.


    All print orders shall be packaged in vendor’s standard unopened, sealed dry packaging, in accordance to good commercial practice to protect from damage during transit. All packages, boxes, and cartons shall have a label, intact and legible, stating contents, purchase order (if applicable), print job number, and ordering service site name.

    Packing Slip

    A packing slip referencing service site name, P.O. number and/or control order number shall be attached to the outside of all print orders.

    Order Count

    As general rule, the District shall not accept more or less than quantity ordered. Should an exact count be required, vendor shall be required to reprint at no additional cost if a short count is delivered. Compensation for larger quantity than ordered shall not be made unless approved by Site Representative in advance of delivery.

    Return of Preparatory Materials and Originals

    All documents, designs, drawings, pictures, and artwork that are provided to vendor in association with any print order shall remain the exclusive property of SBAC. If changes are made to the materials, with or without the request of District, the materials, with all changes, shall remain the property of District. All artwork, electronic disks, and any other preparatory materials provided to vendor shall normally be returned to service site at time of delivery of print order.


    Vendor shall establish and maintain a separate distinct account number for each service site. Invoices shall contain sufficient information to accurately determine the scope of work and applicable unit cost. Invoices must be legible and extensions accurately computed for each item. Invoices shall contain, at minimum, the following information: purchase order number (if applicable); quotation number; invoice number; invoice date; description of services; quantity; contract unit price; extended amount; and, total invoice amount. Vendor shall be responsible for ensuring  that all invoices are submitted in entirety to the service site at time of delivery or within ten (10) business days to: School Board of Alachua County, Attn: Finance Department, 620 East University Ave., Gainesville, FL 32601. Invoices may also be sent via email to:  accountspayable (       

    Site Representative or other authorized designee shall verify and approve all invoices prior to payment, and notify vendor should a billing discrepancy be discovered. Invoices that are received that are not properly and correctly prepared shall not be approved for payment. Vendor shall reissue corrected invoice and/or credit memo to offset any incorrect charges.


    The use of Visa Purchasing Card for printing services performed under this contract is encouraged and shall be in strict accordance with established procedures. It is preferred that purchase orders not be used for small dollar purchases.

    Payment by P-Card or conventional check shall only be made after: (A) print materials have been received, inspected and found to comply with specifications and free of defect, and; (B) upon receipt of properly billed invoice. In no event shall any print services be prepaid. Only actual items shipped/delivered shall be charged to the credit card account; no backorders shall be allowed.

    Purchasing Card Security

    The electronic or manual file storage of credit card numbers by vendor for e-commerce business and/or credit card transactions shall be strictly prohibited.  It shall be the responsibility of Site Representative to provide credit card processing information to vendor for each separate transaction.


    Refer to the Price Summary Schedule pages to compare proposed pricing from each awarded vendor. Proposed unit prices shall be inclusive of all labor, supervision, technical expertise, equipment, paper and other materials, consumables, packaging, insurance, profit and all other services that are necessary for the proper execution of print order. All services shall be performed complete. No other charges, surcharges, or fees shall be applicable unless specifically delineated on price schedule.

    Non-Contract Services

    In the event that any required printing services are not specifically included on Price Schedule, the District Representative may request a written quotation for those services from one or more of the awarded vendors. Any discount offered for non-contract services shall be at the sole discretion of vendor.


    Vendor shall be responsible for ensuring that all print orders are produced in accordance with job specifications, and meet or exceed the highest commercial printing quality standards in terms of readability and overall appearance. Acceptable quality shall be solely determined by Site Representative (end-user) taking into consideration paper quality, print alignment, color sharpness and contrast, degree of color tones in images, image definition, ink application, print form, and other characteristics. Print type shall be clear and easy to read.

    All print jobs shall be subject to the inspection and approval of Site Representative. Print materials that exhibit any discernible defects (e.g., fading, smearing, splatters, etc.), in the opinion of the District Representative, may not be acceptable. The District reserves the right to reject and refuse acceptance of any work that, in its opinion, does not meet acceptable quality standards or does not comply with any instructions, specifications, drawings or data. See “Service Guarantee”.

    Service Guarantee

    All services provided by vendor in the performance of contract shall adhere to the customary, reasonable, and prudent standards of care as established within the industry. Specifically, the vendor shall warrant that all workmanship conforms to print job specifications and be of the highest quality, free from faults and defects. All services shall be performed in a professional manner, to the complete satisfaction of service site. In the event that any print materials are found defective or do not otherwise conform to specifications, the service site may  (A) cancel order and return items for full credit, or; (B) require vendor to replace (reprint) items at own expense. Any re-performance of services shall be completed within two (02) business days of notification unless otherwise agreed. Furthermore, the District reserves the right to have work performed by other service provider should vendor fail to remedy issue within prescribed time.

    Service Complaints

    Site Representative shall report all performance related complaints in writing to the designated Account Representative. It shall be the responsibility of vendor to promptly resolve reported complaints pursuant to the applicable terms of contract.

    Issue Resolution

    Any dispute with vendor concerning the interpretation of specific contract requirements including acceptable quality level and other service performance issues shall be resolved by the Purchasing Department in consultation with Site Representative. 



    *Note: Email addresses are followed by