General Information

  • Because of the ongoing shortage of bus drivers and the negative impact on bus schedules and school attendance, the district is making changes to its transportation system. The goals of the changes are to significantly reduce late and non-arriving buses, increase on-time arrivals and departures, and use public funds more effectively.

    The district will continue to provide busing for students attending magnet programs, unless they attend a magnet at their zoned school and live less than two miles from that school. However, beginning January 16 of 2024, revised ‘hub’ stops will take effect for magnet students who ride a bus. These changes may require students to travel further from home to get to their hub stop, but should also limit their time on the bus.

    The list of new hub stops by school is available on this site.

    Just select your child's magnet school from the drop down menu.  Please note that some schools that share buses are grouped together.

  • Bus numbers and route numbers will be assigned at a later date.

    Times are subject to change and we ask that all students are at the assigned route location 10 minutes prior to the pick up time.

    In zone means that the students are the transport zone for that school and their stop will be listed on elink.  

Magnet Stop Locations

  • All
  • Archer Community
  • Bishop Middle
  • Buchholz High
  • Eastside High School
  • Foster Elementary
  • Gainesville High
  • Lincoln Middle
  • Loften High
  • Mebane Middle
  • Newberry High
  • Oak View Middle
  • Santa Fe High
  • Terwilliger Elementary
  • Williams Elementary