Outstanding Volunteers

  • Every year, each school has the opportunity to select outstanding volunteers in three categories:  Youth (under 21); Adult (21-61); and Senior (62+). All of the winners are listed below. One individual from each category is selected as the District's Outstanding Volunteer. The Youth winner is Laura Kleckner from Irby Elementary School. Erin Scarborough is the Adult winner from Westwood Middle School. Bill Goodman is the Senior winner from Gainesville High School. Congratulations to all of our 2019-20 District Outstanding School Volunteers! 

    Congratulations to Bill Goodman on being selected as the Florida Department of Education's Outstanding Senior School Volunteer winner in Region II. This award is given to school volunteers who have exhibited exceptional commitment to enhancing quality instruction for Florida's K-12 students.

District Outstanding School Volunteers honored by the school board




    Adult OVY

    Adult Outstanding Volunteer

    Erin Scarborough

    Westwood Middle School




    Bill Goodman

    Senior Outstanding Volunteer


    Florida Department of Education

    Outstanding Senior School Volunteer Winner

    Bill Goodman

    Gainesville High School

    Laura Kleckner

    Youth Outstanding Volunteer

    Laura Kleckner

    Irby Elementary School


2019-20 School Volunteers of the Year


    Alachua Elementary - Candice Pigott * Tyler Baughtman
    Archer Elementary  - Peter Brown, Jr. * Zuleika Cruz-Rivera
    Bishop Middle - Randi Vogt
    Buchholz High  - Deandre' Daniels * Nancy Evans * Kathleen Fette
    Chiles Elementary  - Kaycee Burkett * Dee Rutter  
    Duval Early Learning Center  - Erma Mobley 
    Eastside High - Tom Burke * Brindha Rathinasabapathi * Lori Roberts * Himanshi Verma
    Finley Elementary - Don Fitzpatrick * Amelia Francis * Deborah Libengood
    Fort Clarke Middle - Allison Jobe Novak * Marilyn Palumbo 
    Foster Elementary - Bre'shonda Jenkins * Jill Klein
    Gainesville High - William Goodman * Han Li * Jake Pugh
    Glen Springs Elementary - Gary Arthur * Syndey Ballman * Sandra Carlisi
    Hawthorne Jr./Sr. High - Thailn Miles * Angela Moore * Ava Roberson 
    Hidden Oak Elementary - Daniella Rogers * Haley Warring 
    High Springs Community - Tiffany Kies * Matt Thomas * Carleigh Welch
    Idylwild Elementary - Briana Bennett * Esther Collins * Tiona McClain
    Irby Elementary - Lenora Grant * Katie Hudkins * Laura Kleckner                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             A. Quinn Jones - Deon Winchester
    Kanapaha Middle - Sheryl Conner * Sierra Kearney
    Lake Forest Elementary - Peggy Bowie * Patricia Cox * Shashank Pothu
    Lincoln Middle - Ira Warren 
    Littlewood Elementary - Ken Duffield * Bethany Eaton * Sharon Yang
    Meadowbrook Elementary - Whitney Tabb
    Mebane Middle - Anne Clark * Bob Purdy
    Metcalfe Elementary - Vernish Allen * Ja'liyah Bradley
    Newberry Elementary - Sarah Howard * Reida Squires
    Newberry High  - Zialee Crudup * Danay Harvey
    Norton Elementary - Ryan Cason * Linda Rush
    Oak View Middle - Jennifer Culleton * Carla Linebarger
    PAM @ Loften High - Haley Shepard * Geraldine Tensley * 
    Rawlings Elementary - Reisa George * Anajah Smith 
    Santa Fe High - Brandon Mayes * Jared Villagomez  
    Shell Elementary - Kordell Cope * Irish Ivey * Margo Reeves
    Sidney Lanier - Katherine Cauthon * Iryna Kanishcheva
    Talbot Elementary - Abraham Burangulov * Jeannie Fiedler * Caroline Zapert
    Terwilliger Elementary - Mary Myrand * Emily Whitmarsh * Lily Zeller
    Westwood Middle - Sharon Sarazin * Erin Scarborough * Lucy Scarborough
    Wiles Elementary - Cadence Hurley * Elaine McCall * Sandra Seng 
    Wiles Headstart - Quaterria Foster
    Williams Elementary - Cameron Fishback * Liam Jawitz * Laura Jordan