Dr. Cathy Atria, Deputy Superintendent

  • Dr. AtriaDr. Catherine G. Atria has given the past 30 years in service to public school students spanning from Kindergarten to those pursuing post baccalaureate degrees. 

    Her career in education began as a secondary social studies and science teacher during which she mentored pre-service and beginning teachers and earned National Board Certification. She has held leadership roles as a teacher leader, assistant principal, principal, and district-office administrator.  

    A triple Gator (Bachelor’s; Masters, and PhD.), Dr. Atria recently filled the role of Professor of Educational Practice and affiliate faculty member of the Educational Policy Research Center for the College of Education at the University of Florida. In these roles, she has been afforded the unique opportunity to concurrently coach and support sitting school administrators; to teach aspiring school administrators; and to explore and work to understand and influence educational policy statewide and across the nation. Dr. Atria currently serves on State of Florida committees and task forces related to the Florida Educational Leadership Standards, leadership development and the leadership continuum, administrator evaluation, and program approval. 

    Dr. Atria has written several articles and presented at many international, national, state and local conferences on topics related to leadership, instruction and the coaching and evaluation of teachers. 

    Dr. Atria believes the evolution crucial for public education to continue serving as society’s great equalizer rests in the hands of teachers, teacher leaders, administrators, school board members, caregivers, and community stakeholders. Throughout her career, she has remained steadfast to the beliefs that each and every child should grow up knowing their voice matters; that teaching students how to learn is as important as teaching them what to learn; and that no matter what you look like or where you come from, you should be provided the same opportunities, access, and support to succeed as everyone else.

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