Contact Us

  • To speak to a supervisor:

    ESE /HHB Supervisor

    Laura Schollmeyer-Schwartz: (352) - 955-7671 ext. 1603,

    To follow up on medical certificates:

    Gregg Fissenden: 955-7676 ext. 1637 or

    For Database, ESE and Transfer Information or to Leave a Message for a Home/bound teacher:

    Gregg Fissenden: 955-7676 ext. 1637 or


    Executive Director of ESE and Student Services

    Kathy Black: (352) 955-7676 or

General Inquiries

  • For General Hospital/Homebound Information or to Submit a Medical Certificate:

    You can always send us a message at esehospitalhomebound ( and
    someone will get in touch with you as soon as they are able.
    **Please note, all calls to a supervisor must pass through that person's secretary. Additionally, you may be transferred to someone else if the person you aretrying to contact is unavailable and/or if another employee can suitably address your needs.