• College/Career Opportunities with Rigor and Engagememt

    The CORE is a framework, NOT an academic program. The CORE emphasizes assets and identifies variabilities to ensure their successful engagement with rigorous content in school. It provides a common language for quality and equitable instruction that intentionally connects our educators, curricula, programs, and students as they focus on what is needed to succeed within our school system and beyond.

  • Caring Relationships

    Caring relationships help students gain trust and confidence with the other learners in the class, including the teacher. (read more)

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  • Clear Academic Goals

    When implementing The CORE we work to make our students’ academic goals clear to them and aligned with state standards. (read more)

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  • Flexible Pathways to Clear Goals

    Teachers must honor each student’s strengths and needs and offer tools and options for students to use if necessary for them to demonstrate mastery of learning goals. (read more)

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  • Rigorous Literacy Structures and Supports

    When implementing The CORE we provide rigorous literacy structures and supports so that students access grade-level text and content. (read more)

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  • Critical Thinking Structures and Supports

    Structures and support are often found in district adopted curriculum. (read more)

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  • Goal Setting and Reflections

    Teachers should regularly prompt and support students to set goals and reflect on their progress toward those goals grounded in data from their academic work in school. (read more)

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  • Community Service Inquiries

    Teachers should support students to understand their role in their communities and engage in community service inquiry projects. Students, like adults, belong to several different communities which vary in scope and may include family, neighborhood, friends, grade, class, school, programs, clubs, teams, religion, city/state, national, international, etc. (read more)

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  • College and Career Awareness and Skills

    Content and curriculum should connect students' experiences in school with their college and career opportunities. Much of our district adopted curriculum has career connections embedded in the content. (read more)

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District Department Contact

  • Dr. Dakeyan "Dre'" Graham
    Director of Educational Equity and Outreach
    email: grahamdc
    Phone: (352) 955-7676 x6309

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