• Would you like to serve on your school's Library Advisory Council?

    Members on the Library Council (LAC) can serve in 2 roles:


    Challenge Review Committee member - Parent Representative

    Stakeholder Input for New Acquisitions - Parent Representative


    Challenge Review Committee

    The parent representative will serve on a panel consisting of

    • School Library Media Specialist
    • School Administrator
    • Faculty Member
    • Guidance Counselor
    • Parent Representative

    The purpose of the committee is to review and make recommendations for library materials being challenged. Materials regarding the challenge and the book(s) involved will be made available to committee members prior to the meeting if needed.

    The parent representative must have a child at a school where a copy of the challenged material is available. Therefore, you could be called upon to serve on a committee where the objection is based at another school, but your school's library also has a copy.

    Meetings will be publicly noticed without public comment and held in person, during the school day. As part of this committee, your participation and input will become public record.

    Stakeholder Input

    F.S. 1006.28(2)(d) requires the consultation of community stakeholders when purchasing new library materials. Volunteers in this role will be provided a list of the materials being considered for purchase and any information associated with the materials. Media Specialists usually make purchases 2 to 3 times a year.

    The Stakeholder Input duties can be done remotely, but often require a short turnaround time. As part of this committee, your participation and input will become public record.

    How to Sign Up

    To volunteer for either, or both of these roles, please complete the form found in the Links section of this page. If selected, you will be notified via email. The Stakeholder Input role will be in place for the entire school year, whereas the Challenge Review Committee role will only be called upon in the event of a library materials challenge for which you qualify to serve. Qualification depends on the book being challenged and the school(s) in which the book is available.