Homework Success

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    We support your child's academic success by offering assistance-based homework time every day except Friday.  Students are provided a quiet place to work and activity leaders are available to help with any homework questions.   By working cooperatively with moms, dads, and teachers, EDEP can help children master accountable homework performance. 


    ImageDo children tell us they don’t have homework when they really do?  Absolutely!  But with strong expectations from parents, children eventually understand, “Getting homework done feels better than getting in trouble."  Even with parent permission, EDEP staff is not authorized to search a child’s backpack for homework. Only parents can offer appropriate consequences for making a less-than-desirable homework choice.

    ImageEDEP staff is neither authorized nor qualified to grade a child's homework. By checking their child's homework each night, parents are prepared for teacher conference time. Communication with the classroom keeps your child on level.

    ImageThe greatest gift EDEP can give your child is to offer positive reinforcement when he/she successfully stay on task to do work.  Children who test well have the ability to concentrate when the situation calls for it.  As maturity increases so does a child's ability to ignore distractions for longer periods of time. Children must receive positive reinforcement to obtain positive gains.

    ImageChildren who do not have homework, or have finished it early, deserve the freedom to play or attend a class.  This is a reward for a job well done.  At first, it is difficult to come in and work while friends are outside playing, but over time, as emotional maturity develops, children begin to master the ability to balance work and play.

    ImageAs long as they are working, a child may take as much time as he/she needs to complete their work.  Children who are disrupting others during homework time will be redirected to another activity.

    ImageEDEP cannot support using reading, writing or physical activity as a punitive action.  We do not assign reading, writing sentences or running laps as punishment.

    ImageReading in EDEP is always encouraged.  A child may ask permission at any time to retreat to a quiet supervised place to read for pleasure.