Social Studies

  • Mission and Vision

    Alachua County Public Schools Social Studies Vision Statement:

    Through the rigorous analysis of social sciences including politics, geography, economics, history, and psychology, students will gain the knowledge and skills to promote interdisciplinary understanding of human society and the natural world.

    Alachua County Public Schools Social Studies Mission Statement:

    Foster academic excellence, collaboration and innovation to help students to become informed and reasonable individuals prepared to make capable decisions as citizens of a democratic nation.  

    Alachua County Public Schools Social Studies Goals:

    Foster the acquisition of

    1. Civic competence and engagement,
    2. Critical thinking skills,
    3. Literacy skills,
    4. An appreciation of different cultures and institutions,
    5. How to choose and analyze appropriate sources,
    6. Ability to apply acquired knowledge to past and current events,
    7. Ability to collaborate with others,
    8. Effective communication skills through written, oral, and visual means,
    9. Ability to formulate and defend arguments supported by objective knowledge,
    10. Self-reflection.

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