Half-Cent for Schools Initiative Update

  • Half Cent

    Thanks to Alachua County voters, the work of creating high-quality learning environments for all our students is now underway.

    The district will begin receiving revenue from the Half-Cent for Schools in March. With that funding and revenues from the 1.5 mill capital improvements property tax, the district will be able to repair, renovate and in other ways revitalize our existing schools. We’ll also be constructing new spaces for current and future students, including new classrooms at some of those existing schools.

    Even before the Half-Cent for Schools was approved, our facilities staff had begun planning for some of the most critical projects outlined in the comprehensive list shared with the public in the fall of 2018. That includes major demolition, reconstruction and renovation projects at three existing schools. Planning for other projects, large and small, is also underway.

    The district is working with a company with expertise in school projects and planning to prioritize all the projects on the facilities list. That work should be completed in the spring of 2019. Also in the spring the district plans to roll out a detailed dashboard that will provide updates on the progress of those projects during the 12-year term of the sales tax.

    In keeping with the ballot language approved by voters, the School Board has approved guidelines for the selection and operation of an independent citizen’s oversight committee that will review and report on all half-cent expenditures. That committee is expected to meet for the first time in the spring.

    Please keep checking this site for new information about the revitalization of our school facilities!