Revitalizing Alachua County Public Schools

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    Thanks to the citizens of Alachua County, the work of creating high-quality learning environments for all our students is now underway.
    With the revenues from the Half-Cent for School and local property taxes, major facilities improvements are coming to all Alachua County Public Schools. Many of those projects are already completed or underway. You can learn more about our district-wide progress here. You can find a complete, school-by-school list of all the work planned, timeliness and additional updates at our Story Map
    On this site you'll also find information about the independent citizen's oversight committee that is reviewing all expenditures from the Half-Cent for Schools to ensure the money is being spent as voters intended.
    Thank you, Alachua County, for your investment in our community's schools!


Elementary School "I" Rezoning

  • In early March the district sent letters to the parents of the eight schools most likely to be affected by the new attendance boundaries that will be drawn to populate the new Elementary School I, which opens in the fall of 2021.  Those letters included an invitation to attend one of three community meetings scheduled or to submit an email to  Due to COVID-19, the meetings had to be cancelled. Now that the school year has ended, we are re-engaging with the public and moving forward with the process.  During the week of June 15, a new letter was sent to the parents at the schools most likely to be affected.  In addition, the district is working with a consultant to start building draft proposals based on three basic guiding principles:

    1. The new school should have a diverse student body representative of the Alachua County population (race, economics, disability, English language learners, etc.); the process should also work toward maintaining or improving diversity and community representation at the other affected schols.
    2. Eliminate the need for portable classrooms at Idylwild and as many other schools in the area surrounding the new elementary school as possible.
    3. Disrupt no more students than necessary to achieve these goals.

    These drafts will then be reviewed by various district departments, including Transportation, Exceptional Student Education (ESE), English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), school principals, Student Assignment, Research, and others for potential issues and input.

    The goal is the development of two to three workable options that can then be shared with the School Board, the District Advisory Committee, and the public in the fall.  From there, one of those plans will either emerge as the best option or, based on input from the public, a modified version of one of those plans will emerge as the best option.

    Once the best option has been identified, it will be brought back to the Board for the formal adoption process, which will consist of a First Reading, a Public Hearing about one month later, and then a second and Final reading at a following Board meeting.

    Below are links to information related to the rezoning process.

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