Surtax Oversight Committee

  • The Half-Cent for Schools referendum approved by Alachua County voters in November of 2018 includes language requiring oversight by an independent citizens’ committee. Alachua County Public Schools is committed to ensuring that all revenues raised through the surtax are spent as indicated in the ballot language

    The School Board of Alachua County is establishing the School Capital Outlay Surtax Oversight Committee to review and report on the expenditure of the surtax revenues for as long as the surtax remains in effect. The committee is expected to meet for the first time in the spring of 2019

    Information about the responsibilities, guidelines and membership of the committee can be found on this page. Also available is a link to the application for two at-large seats on the committee. Local citizens are invited to submit their applications by February 15.

    Once the committee is up and running, agendas, minutes, meeting schedules and other material will also be posted on this site.