• Lesson Plans, Grades 9-12

    9th Grade - World Cultural Geography

    Population Demographics(SS WGeo LPQ3 027)
    Students will learn how to create and interpret choropleth maps. They will convert data from tables to graphic forms, create and interpret population pyramids using data from modern African nations. 

    Geography of the Caribbean Islands(SS 049)
    Using powerpoint and map exercises, students will locate and label on a map all islands and countries of the Caribbean; describe the physical forces that have created these islands; understand the impact of weather patterns on development of islands; describe the biomes of islands.

    Maroon Population in the Caribbean (SS WHis LPQ4 10 LA Caribbean Studies 054)
    Students will research and understand the culture, customs, and languages of the Maroons in Suriname, Puerto Rico, and Jamaica, and analyze historical records tracing development of a Western civilization.